Sure, we all know everything in Jersey's expensive, right? Tell us something we don't know.

Here's something the average Jersey resident probably isn't aware of. Did you know that it actually pays YOU to call an Uber versus driving under the influence here in the Garden State? You may be saying, "duh, Jahna," because you're thinking about the potential of it costing your life. If that's the case, then great, stay with that train of thought. You're right, driving under the influence could certainly cost you your life. Even worse, though, it can cost someone else's, too.

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However, that's not the point I'm trying to make. A new survey by the folks over at Assurance actually analyzed the cost difference between calling an Uber and all the fees and monetary burdens that come with a DUI ticket (or worse). Lawyers' fees in Jersey are certainly not cheap, ya'll. Neither are court fees, the tickets themselves, or worse, funeral expenses.

Believe it or not, New Jersey comes in with one of the HIGHEST cost differences between calling an Uber and all the fees that accompany a DUI charge in the ENTIRE country. That's a wild statistic in and of itself, wouldn't you say?

Calling an Uber or Lyft here in the Garden State may run you, on average, around $17. You want to know the total cost of a DUI charge here in Jersey? Almost $34,000! That means that there's a $33,000 and change difference between what you'd pay to use a rideshare and play it safe verses risking your life and others to get behind the wheel while inebriated.

If that's not enough to convince you not to drive while impaired here in the Garden State, read the statistics yourself HERE.


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