We all know that person at work.  You know the one.   Always angry about something, and always has a better way of doing things.

Nothing ever seems to satisfy Mister or Miss Cranky Pants.

Here in New Jersey, we have a well-earned reputation of having a chip on our shoulder anyway.  It's a Jersey thing.

Now, the results of a national survey, back the notion that here in New Jersey, we are pretty cranky.  In fact, according to the survey, New Jersey workers are the second crankiest in all of America.  Could this be?

You might think that with the legalization of marijuana in our state, perhaps everyone would just be a little more chill, right?  Well get this, the only state with crankier workers is Colorado.  What gives?

The site Gambling.com analyzed search terms that indicated unhappiness at work.  Terms like resignation letter, quiet quitting and excuses to get out of work were some of the terms they analyzed and broken down by state.

Rage Applying was a term that New Jersey workers searched more than any other state- by far.  I had never heard that term, but apparently, New Jersey workers- many New Jersey workers, DO know what rage applying means.  According to Parade.com,

 Rage applying happens when an employee is feeling unappreciated—perhaps from being passed over for a promotion or being paid an unfair wage. This feeling inspires them to send out their resumes to as many companies as they can find in hopes of landing a job with more pay and a better workplace environment.

How does one deal with a cranky co-worker?  Don't feed into it.  It's best not to be drawn into the negativity.  I'll usually point out that if someone is so unhappy at work, why stay?  That usually draws silence...until their next complaint.


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