Like most bar drinks, there are many different recipes for the Bloody Mary.  According to a recipe posted on allrecipes.coma good Bloody Mary consists of:

What is a Bloody Mary

  • Spicy Tomato Juice
  • Vodka
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Hot Pepper Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Garnishes that can include Celery and Garlic-Stuffed Olives or anything else that you'd like.

John Longinetti, a Little Egg Harbor resident, was playing slots at the Ocean Casino Resort in 2022 when he says he ordered a Bloody Mary.  This is something he says he has done before.

Longinetti says that in the past, his Blood Marys had always come garnished with skewered stuffed olives.  This time, however, he says his drink came with loose olives in the drink.  He says when he popped an olive in his mouth and bit down, he discovered the olive had a pit, and he broke a tooth.

Court Finds Casino Responsible for Broken Tooth

He sued Ocean Casino Resort in small claims court claiming the resort was responsible for his broken tooth.  The court found in his favor, and he was awarded $1500 for dental work that was needed to fix his broken tooth.

Resort Wins Appeal

The resort appealed the ruling and this time the court ruled in favor of the resort.  The court ruling said in part that Longinetti failed to prove that a Bloody Mary can only be made safely with pitted, skewered olives.

The plaintiff, who is representing himself, has said he plans to appeal to a higher court.

Court ruling is the pits for casino patron upset with a drink's olive (

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