A group of my friends recently met up in Northfield to catch up and share some adult beverages and discuss the solutions to all of life's issues.

It occurred to us how long it's been since we all got together, and someone mentioned how they keep up with everyone on Facebook.

Then someone offered how they find Facebook to be annoying lately.  They compared it to email.  It seems like there's more spam and scams than there is worthy content.

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I've never heard it described that way but my friend had a point.

Local Facebook Pages Overcome with Scams

Take a look at some of the pages you belong to.  I used to enjoy visiting those pages to get local information.

These days, the pages are flooded with scammers offering duct cleaning, garage repairs, car detailing, and more.

Let's not forget the offers of work-at-home jobs and now the latest that involves offering free Big Macs or whatever, if you can find the number that's hidden in the post.

Then, there are all those posts from friends claiming that by copying various posts and reposting them, you'll see more posts from friends.

Let's not forget the "legal declarations about not permitting Facebook to use your photos.

Facebook has Become a Dangerous Source of News

Perhaps the biggest danger on Facebook is the people who blindly repost "news" articles based on headlines, and never critically reading them to see if they're even true.

My friend's email analogy is a good one.  Look at your email folder.  It seems like my unread messages number, regularly climbs to 10,000.

It's so bad, that I rarely check my private email accounts.  When I do, it's usually to clean out the folder.

How Long Before Enough is Enough on Facebook

Are we getting to the point with Facebook, where it's becoming an annoyance?

It's beginning to feel like the time has come to find an alternative.  Before you scoff at that notion, remember Myspace?

What will the next big thing be?  It should be interesting to see.

Keep scrolling for important tips for protecting your personal information.

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