Mike Black, the Assistant Chief of the Milmay Volunteer Fire Company was seriously injured at his daytime job as a firefighter.

His volunteer fire company has started a GoFundMe campaign to help him cover family expenses as he recovers from his injuries.

Assistant Chief of Milmay Vol Fire Company Caught in Refinery Fire

On Monday, Jan. 15th, Mike Black responded to a call at his job at the New Jersey Phillips 66 Refinery about a fire in one of the towers.

According to the GoFundMe information, Mike was caught in an explosion while standing in a doorway about 150 feet up in a tower. The explosion threw him back into a guard rail that saved him from getting thrown completely off the tower.

A rescue team performed a rope rescue to drop him about 100 feet down from the tower because Mike was unable to get down any other way with his injuries.

Mike Black Suffered Serious Injuries

Black's GoFundMe page says he suffered multiple injuries in the blast, breaking several bones in his left leg and dislocating his ankle. He also received first to third-degree burns too much of his body, with the most severe burns being on his forehead, after having his helmet blown off in the explosion.

The Firefighter Faces a Long Recovery

Mike Black was transported to the hospital for his injuries and he is now wheelchair-bound and out of work for the foreseeable future.

The Milmay Volunteer Fire Company says that Mike's five children and his wife were reliant on his salary. Mike has always been there to help wherever needed in the community and now he needs some help to get through this crisis.

There is a link attached to Mike Black's GoFundMe page.

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