Thanks to the suggestions, comments, and recommendations of our listeners, we have compiled a photo gallery of 20 much-loved Italian restaurants in South Jersey.

How Were These Restaurants Chosen?

We asked for your thoughts on the radio and posted on Facebook asking about your favorite much-loved Italian restaurant in South Jersey.

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Were Any Restaurants Mentioned More Than Once?

I believe all of them were suggested at least three or four times by the over three hundred people who commented on social media. A few were mentioned 20 times or more.

Do these Restaurants Have Similarities?

Aside from preparing Italian food well, the biggest similarity I saw is the number of restaurants that are family-owned and operated. This was a recurring theme when it came to South Jersey Italian restaurants.

Are All of These Italian eateries South Jersey Landmark Restaurants?

Many of these restaurants have been in business for a long time and definitely rank as locally or nationally famous. Some of the others were more of a surprise, including a few I wasn't that familiar with. But, our listeners knew them and raved about their food, so we included them.

The newer Italian restaurants included have managed to survive the worst of Covid and maintain their standard of excellence. They appear to be on the way to becoming established landmark restaurants in South Jersey.

Let's take a look at photos of 20 Much Loved Italian Restaurants in South Jersey

20 Much-Loved Italian Restaurants in South Jersey

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