When a band gets ready to go on tour, there are many considerations that need attention.  There are obvious things like what cities they'll visit, what songs they'll play, and what dates they'll be on the road.  There are also less obvious things, that are just as important.

In fact, there are literally thousands of details that need to be considered, right down to how many towels they want in their dressing rooms.

When a band goes on tour, they sign contracts with the promoters that include riders.  A rider is a supplement to the contract that's essentially a list of things that the band or artist requires over and above what they get paid.

Riders became a topic of conversation years ago when Van Halen included a demand that required a bowl of M&M's be provided backstage.  They required the promoters to remove all brown M&M's from the bowl or risk losing the entire gate.

David Lee Roth explained years later that there was actually a legitimate reason for including that demand.  He said they added that requirement to be sure the promoter actually read the entire contract.  If they found a brown M&M, they figured the promoter didn't actually read the contract.

It doesn't get any bigger than Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  When they come to town, it's not just a concert tour.  It's an event.  Satisfying their rider isn't a one-day chore.

Here are some of the things on Bruce Springsteen's contract rider:

20 couches for the dressing rooms.  Bruce's should be a neutral color.

A massage therapist and manicurist.

Transportation vehicles from the airport will be driven by English-speaking drivers with a mask that covers the mouth and nose.  Proof of a recent negative COVID test may be required.

408 large white bath towels- pre-washed.

47 padded seats, 7 full-length mirrors, 3 large refrigerators, and 3 small refrigerators.

Patti Scalia's meal will include grilled skinless chicken breast, salmon or tuna.

Some things they don't want include security in "military-style" uniforms, and buffet-style meals.

One of the more notable requirements is six types of adult beverages delivered to tour management by noon on the day of the show, including 6 bottles of quality beer, "Not Budweiser."

The Times Gazette

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