Given the events of Memorial Day weekend and the subsequent weekends, it would seem people would think twice before promoting something like a pop-up party at the shore.

There was a stabbing in Ocean City, reports of shots fired in Seaside Heights, mayhem in Pensaulken, and on and on.

It feels like there is a battle between those who want to enjoy family time in New Jersey and those who are driven by the need to cause trouble.

Not only has it become dangerous for visitors, homeowners, and law enforcement, but the resources needed to quell the thuggery, get very expensive.

With that in mind, it's mind-boggling to think it would be a good idea to promote a pop-up party on social media.

That's exactly what has happened.

The Wildwood Police Department became aware of a social post announcing that there would be a pop-up beach party this weekend in their town.

To their credit, the Wildwood Police Department says they have taken preemptive measures to block this event.

The Wildwood Police Department has issued this statement,

We are working with local and state agencies to promptly shut down this unsanctioned event, if it takes place, and to hold all participants accountable. We encourage all rental property owners and motel owners in Wildwood to use extra precautions when renting during this weekend. These groups are known to take over rental properties and cause property damage.

Additionally, the police say they have identified the organizers.

They don't say what the repercussions would be should there be problems, but the hope here is that the organizers are held accountable.

Let's hope this was blocked in time and we don't see a repeat of Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey shore.

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