It's cuffing season! New Jersey's top spot for meeting someone might put you on the 'wings' of love.

What is 'Cuffing Season'?


Cuffing Season is defined as 'the cold autumn and winter months seen as a period when it is especially desirable to enter into a romantic relationship'.

Used in a sentence: "it’s cold and it’s cuffing season, I should be snuggled warm in bed with the love of my life".


Yes, believe it or not, the phrase is actually in the Oxford Dictionary.

Wanna get cuffed up this season for a good time or a long time?

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Mile High Club

Leave it to TikTok to do the heavy lifting for you. The hashtag #AirportCrush has been majorly trending on the app already viewed more the 128 million times.

That means if you are single in South Jersey, Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township THE best place to find a fling, in the words of Taylor Swift, your 'next mistake', or a deeper love connection.

Love Connection at A.C. International Airport
Atlantic City International Airport/Facebook; Thinkstock; Canva

Singles from all over the world travel through A.C. International.

Sex therapist Leigh Norén backs up TikTok's airport intel, telling NY Post, "You’re close to people geographically in an airport, so it makes sense that you might be drawn to someone there in a different way. Then there’s the air of mystery that comes with airports, a thrill from "being able to go anywhere and experience anything."

Don't Be a Scrub

Woman at Airport

So, if you happen to be traveling out of A.C. International, or any of the area airports in the next few months, find a cute airport outfit and keep your eyes peeled for someone who's also single and ready to mingle.

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