WOW! Will We Get A Lot of Snow This Winter At The Jersey Shore?
One topic I find a lot of you at home love to talk about is "weather". Yes, you love to talk sun in the summertime, blue skies in spring, colors in fall, and snow in the's what's great about living in a part of the nation that has all four seasons, and for many, they love to hear what each is going to bring.
COVID CRAZY KIDS: Boardwalks To The Rescue
My kids are going CRAZY being homebound in a COVID winter. Today for example I caught my daughter sitting on the top of our wood floor staircase on a dog bed as a make-shift sled and as I screamed, "nooooo" she threw herself and our puppy down the stairs for a thrill. After making sure no one had to go to the emergency room I asked her why she did it and she said she was so board that she just had to do it. That's why I'm listing some places to hit asap to relieve this kid (and yours) of cabin fever. Here are some local boardwalk spots to keep you and your kids sane during the winter!
Jersey Shore Eateries Getting Creative To Combat COVID Winter
I have huge respect for anyone who reinvents themselves to stay in the fight especially with COVID. So many of our local restaurants have found a way to hang on and help us do the same. Thank you for your innovation, flexibility and frankly, your fight. I see you. Here are some local places doing it up right this winter!
Fun NJ Activities To Keep The Kids Busy In A COVID Winter
If your kids are like mine, then they’re practically bouncing off the walls after 11 months of COVID (not to mention we're in the peak of winter). Well, even with all that working against us, there’s still a bunch of things we can do locally and safely to keep our kiddos sane.

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