Why have a Happy Hour when you can have a HOPPY HOUR?! The Atlantic City, New Jersey pop-up bar The Mad Bunny is back again just in time for spring.

The Mad Bunny Bar at Resorts Atlantic City
Resorts Casino Hotel/Facebook

The Mad Bunny Pop-Up Bar Returns to Atlantic City

The Mad Bunny Bar will reportedly be MADDER THAN EVER when it reopens this month inside Resorts Casino Hotel.


Where is The Mad Bunny Bar in Atlantic City?

The Mad Bunny pop-up temporarily takes over Resorts' Bar One on the main casino floor which just ended its run as the XO Bar.

XO Bar at Resorts Atlantic City
Resorts Casino Hotel/Facebook

Spring into the Season at New Atlantic City Pop-Up Bar


Spring is all about renewal and a visit to The Mad Bunny presents a unique opportunity to TRY something new.

Celebrate the coming of the spring season with specialty cocktails and live music. But HOP TO IT, because this pop-up bar will only be around for a limited time.

And be on the lookout for some unexpected entertainment. You never know when a bunch of dancing Easter Bunnies will spring a surprise dance routine on ya.

It's not the first time Resorts has jumped on the pop-up bar trend. In addition to the XO Bar over Valentine's, the casino/hotel resurrected its Candy Cane Lane bar last Christmas.

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Resorts in Atlantic City does a great job inventing pop-up bar themes, so definitely check out the new Mad Bunny Bar while it's open.

When Does Atlantic City's Mad Bunny Bar Open?

March 9th with Flowers
Thinkstock; Canva

The Mad Bunny Bar opens Saturday, March 9th.

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