Moorestown, New Jersey has just gotten its first liquor store in 100 years.

I was today year's old when I learned Moorestown has been a dry town for the last hundred years. I guess I just never needed to pick up any libations while in town or passing through.


But the phrase 'dry town' no longer applies to Moorestown as of Friday, May 3.

Moorestown, NJ Gets First Liquor Store in 100 Years

Enter Super Buy Rite Liquors.

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The liquor store opened just days ago at the Moorestown Mall off Route 38 where the old Sears Auto Center used to be, reports.

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And it's been a long time coming.

Way back in 2011, Moorestown, which reportedly never entertained being a town with liquor stores even after the end of prohibition, gave it to town residents to decide if it should be. Voters said 'yes'.

It would take another 10 years, according to, before Moorestown would approve liquor sales at the retail level.

Dry Town No More: Moorestown, NJ Thrilled to Finally Have a Liquor Store

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As Moorestown Mayor Nicole Gillespie so rightfully points out, the introduction of Super Buy Rite Liquors will bring much needed foot traffic to the Moorestown Mall and keep dollars local, telling 6abc, 'Lots of people take their money to nearby towns and we'd rather keep that money here in Moorestown and have a thriving business here.'

Super Buy Rite's bound to be the most popular new kid in town now that Moorestown residents don't have to go to neighboring non-dry towns, like Cherry Hill and Maple Shade, to pick up beer, wine, and spirits.

Super Buy Rite Moorestown is located at 675 S. Lenola Road.

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Cheers, Moorestown! Congrats!


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