A once thriving shopping center in South Jersey is now one of the most depressing sights, especially given its proximity to a popular shopping mall.

A few weeks ago, I was out and about in Deptford when I drove past a row of stores that have been boarded up. They've ALL gone out of business and closed down in this particular shopping center. Seeing it this way breaks my heart and makes me sad.

Long before Deptford Town Center was occupied by major retail stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy Baby, it was home to Frank's Garden Center, a pool hall, and even a General Cinemas movie theater.

buybuy Baby store boarded up in Deptford, NJ.
TSM South Jersey

But things come, things go. Trends change.

Eventually, Deptford Town Center was given a major makeover, attracting retailers like Christmas Tree Shops. A Harmony Face Values beauty supply rounded out the storefronts making for a bustling shopping center, especially with Outback Steakhouse next to it and the huge Deptford Mall right across on Deptford Center Blvd.

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Google Maps

Now, the entire shopping center is vacant. I didn't, and I don't suggest it, but the massive parking lot is big enough for even a tractor trailer to do donuts.

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It's the most depressing thing to look at. I can only hope SOMETHING becomes of the empty spaces because it's a humongous shopping center to just sit there totally unoccupied.

What do YOU think could be successful at Deptford Town Center?

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