Storybook Land has been making memories for millions of guests for almost 70 years.

We are pleased to report that Storybook Land, of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey has won national recognition from the Newsweek Magazine Readers Choice Awards for “Best Family-Owned Amusement Park.”

It’s earned and well-deserved.

Storybook Land finished in 6th place on Newsweek’s Top 10 List … in this highly competitive, national competition.

According to,

These 10 amusement parks were selected by our expert panelists and contributors and voted on by readers as the best of the best.

Storybook Land photo via Facebook.
Storybook Land photo via Facebook.

As family-owned amusement parks go … they just don’t come any finer than Storybook Land.

It has been owned and directly managed by one family for generations and the quality has never slipped an inch.

The regular maintenance and overall upkeep of Storybook Land should serve as the model for best practices.

Storybook Land is kept in immaculate condition. It shines.

I strongly believe that family-owned beats big corporate hands down, every time.

Storybook Land has succeeded in creating a family-friendly environment.

I still fondly remember the birthday party that we held in their train birthday party area from almost 40 years ago. It’s a great and enduring Hurley Family memory.

About Storybook Land, wrote:

6. StoryBook Land-Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Since 1955, StoryBook Land has charmed young and old alike with classic references to children's literature from Mother Goose to the Brothers Grimm. You can climb aboard the Beanstalk Bounce, get dizzy on Alice's Teatime and enjoy a round on the Whirly Bug. Rides are especially aimed at younger kids, who love the park's blend of thrills and whimsical fancy.

Newsweek said that “Our nominees are editorially driven with contributions from a panel of travel experts. The final list is determined by Newsweek editors. Readers can vote once per category, per day. For more details, read our terms and conditions. For any questions, please see our FAQs or email us at”

Storybook Land is a very special place and we’re very fortunate to have it in the Greater Atlantic City area.

This one quote from the family - owners of Storybook Land sums it up very nicely.

“Storybook Land has been family owned and operated since its inception back in 1955. Through continuous improvements, the family's commitment toward families like yours has remained nothing less than a top priority.”

Those aren’t just words … they live up to them on a daily basis for almost 70 years.

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