In this region of the country, it's pretty easy find amazing food of all cuisines. But one thing that's not reliably easy to find here? Cajun food! That's about to change.

Crawdaddy's Cajun, a food truck that has been present in the community at local food truck festivals, is coming to a brick-and-mortar location in Medford!

They'll be located at 13 Tomlinson Mill Road, where AVM Salon used to be. It's the perfect little corner for a Cajun restaurant!

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You may have already tried some of the delicious Cajun dishes at local food truck events. If not, you can check them out at the Gibbstown Food Truck and Music Feastival on April 27!

There are several details about the plan so far thanks to Facebook community page 'A View From Evesham.' According to the post, the restaurant menu will be different, but a few fan favorites will still be available!

On their current menu, you can find items such as their famous alligator bites, gumbo, and more! I have my fingers crossed for crawfish boils!

When will Crawdaddy's Cajun open in Medford?

No word yet on any exact opening dates, though the owners did mention an intention to open in 2024 on a Facebook post.

I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched Food Network shows exploring the amazing eats of New Orleans, wishing with all my might that I could teleport. So it's such a cool thing to see an actual cajun restaurant come to the area.

Will you be checking out Crawdaddy's whenever they open? Keep an eye open for projected opening dates!

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