I never thought I'd see a day where malls were struggling for business.

When I was growing up the mall was the place to be. It was the place where you hung out with your friends. It was the place where you went to the movies. It was place where you ate, and it was the place where you bought just about everything you needed.

Oh boy, times have changed...and quickly.

Malls have struggled since the surge of online shoppers

With the popularity of online shopping (sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic) and Amazon coming on the scene, malls just aren't seeing the crowds of shoppers that they used to.

I rarely go to a mall anymore. When I do, there are always vacancies. A sad sight.


Malls are trying to hold on to business by renovating and bringing in high end and more popular stores, which does seem to be helping, a little bit.

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Woodbridge Center Mall just sold for $70 million

I was shocked to see the news on The Patch that Woodbridge Center Mall just sold, and it wasn't a great deal.

It sold for $70 million, which seems like a lot, but the investors took a loss of $155 million. Malls aren't worth what they used to be.

So, now what? Will the mall stay open? Who bought it?

Woodbridge Center Mall is staying open

The new owner is a bit of a mystery. The mayor is keeping tight-lipped saying it's up to the new owner to reveal themselves, or not. Hmmm.

The Mayor of Woodbridge, John McCormac, says the new owner "has every intention of keeping Woodbridge Center as a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination." Phew.


Woodbridge Center Mall is the third biggest mall in New Jersey.

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