Another day, another Hollywood lawsuit.

TMZ reports that director James Cameron, his production company, and 20th Century Fox are being sued for stealing the idea for the hit movie ‘Avatar,’ the number one film of all-time. A screenwriter claims that Cameron stole the idea from two different screenplays he wrote and wants $2.5 billion.

That’s right, it’s BILLION, with a “B.”

What are the similarities between Cameron’s script for ‘Avatar’ and the two screenplays in question — ‘Aquatica’ and ‘The Desendants: The Pollination’ — by Bryant Moore? The color of the skin on the characters, fighting in trees, bioluminescent flora/plant life, and unbreathable atmospheres are among other aspects Moore says are identical to his ideas.

Two-and-a-half-billion dollars is just shy of what ‘Avatar’ made at the box office, so it looks like Moore is going for it all.

This is the second lawsuit that Cameron faces over ‘Avatar’ this month. Just a few weeks ago a man named Eric Ryder, who used to work at Cameron’s company, Lightstorm, sued the director, claiming the movie was based on a script he wrote in 1999. Ryder claims they were going to make the movie but it was shelved in 2002 when he was told no one would make a big-screen sci-fi movie about the environment.

Cameron’s lawyers say that both suits are without merit and will be fought in court.


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