I do love this time of year even though it has it's challenges. Sometimes the decorations can be tough, but when you're done, it's awesome, right? The shopping can be a pain, but the knowledge you're doing it for someone you love makes it all worthwhile. That brings us to the wrapping. Maybe it's because I'm not good at it, but that's the one that gets me. I sit that box on the floor, walk around it a few times, chin in hand, trying to show it that I'm the boss.

I then grab the rolls of paper and tape, loosen up my neck muscles, and go in. Two minutes later, I'm laying on the floor with a handful of ripped paper, tape that's coming out of the dispenser upside down, and a gift box that is half covered with crumpled paper and has 32 pieces of tape on it. It will take the person who's gift it is one tenth the time to open it than it took me to wrap it.  Then they crumple the paper (exactly what I tried not to do) and throw it away. I'd rather just hand them a balled up piece of wrapping paper and the gift box separately, and we could skip a step or two! Can anybody say 'gift bag'? Let's give a big thank you to those people who wrap gifts at the store while people wait on line. That's pressure! I don't know how you do it! Howtodothings.com has some tips for wrapping.

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