Maybe you're done with you're shopping or maybe you just started. Either way, you are soon about to enter the Christmas wrapping zone and we found some great tips.

Here are some great tips reported by that will have your gift wrapping looking professional. They'll be impressed no matter what is inside the box. Here are some examples of the great tips.

Cotton Balls. Bet you never thought to hot glue cotton balls onto the gift for the snow look. if not cotton balls, other small items can dress up the wrapping as well.

Lights. Now that's thinking outside, or at least on top of, the box. You just need lights that run on battery. Or a very very very long extension cord (not recommended).

Ditch the bow. Instead of a bow, use painted leaves, rope or even some jingle bells.

I will say if you're painting leaves you either really love the person, have a lot of time or your town hasn't done their leaf pick up yet. Either way, good for you...your wrapping will be the talk of the holiday season!



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