It may be a new term, but it's an age old Christmas tradition. If you have completed your Christmas shopping but still continue to buy gifts, then you have double-bought.

I literally did it last night. I have been "done" with my Christmas shopping for a week now, and I even completed all the wrapping. Done, right? Wrong. Diane had a few more things to pick up so we took off for the mall.

When we got there, she informed me one thing she needed to get was for me so I had to disappear for a little while. Big mistake. I walked about 50 feet and I already saw something that would be just "perrrrfffeeeccttt" for someone on my list (who I already "finished" shopping for).

Less than a half hour later, I was walking around carrying three new purchases. Meet Lou the double buyer. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Am I?

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