Generally speaking, Jersey Shore residents have a hard time letting summer go and we wondered how quickly we'd turn the page and get to Christmas shopping and our Jersey Shore poll results were pretty surprising.

I brought up Christmas shopping on the air this Friday and got a less than warm response for starting the conversation (especially from Nancy), but deep down I knew there was some Christmas shopping happening at the Jersey Shore.

So we turned the question into our latest Jersey Shore poll. And here are some unexpected results. More than 3 in  5 (61%) of Jersey Shore residents have either already started Christmas shopping or will in September.

Believe it or not, 39% of those who responded say they have already started, as compared to 22% who wait until Black Friday or sometime after Thanksgiving to get the Christmas shopping started.

So at the Jersey Shore, according to our poll results, if you haven't started your Christmas shopping started basically in the next two weeks, you're in the minority and you're behind schedule as compared to most of your neighbors.

Who would have ever imagined that you would barely be over Labor Day weekend, and already be late on your Christmas shopping? Welcome to New Jersey, right?

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