Santa and the elves work hard all year to prepare for Christmas and they don't have to worry about any distractions from their neighbors. Wait, Santa has neighbors?

Well, I'm not sure I would call them neighbors, since they are just over 500 miles away from the North Pole, but that's closer to the North Pole than any other town on Earth. It's a place called Alert, Nunavut, Canada.

It would be great to think that all the kids in Alert would sit by their windows and be the first to see Santa's sleigh, but it's not likely since the entire permanent population of Alert is a whopping 0 people according to a recent census, but Canadian scientists and military personnel rotate in and out of the town.

Here are some other interesting facts about Alert, according to The lowest recorded temperature there was -58 degrees and on the hottest July day in Alert, the temperature only reaches 43 degrees. The highest temperature ever recorded there was only 68 degrees.

So when Santa passes over the first town he may see on his journey this Christmas, there may not be much activity, and I'm not sure he even needs to make a stop there, but it is cool to know it exists.


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