New Jersey has finally topped a list that will make us proud, and it has to do with our beloved dogs.

A study was done on how much dog owners will spend on their pets this Christmas and which state spends the most. Hold on to your wallets and pet your dogs New Jersey. We are number one on the list!

The study, reported at, ranked all the states on how much they spend, and if you equate the money we spend on how much we love our dogs, then no one loves their dogs more than the northeast and no one loves their dogs more in the northeast that the Garden State.

The national average for money spent on Christmas gifts for the dog is $23.10, a number New Jersey easily surpasses. We spend, on average, $30.01 making New Jersey the only state to break the $30 mark.

New York came in second at $29.95, and Pennsylvania was third with $28.75. It's nice to know that while we're spending the most on just about everything here in the Garden State, at least we are extending the spending to the dogs we love so much!

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