Ladies, have you ever wanted to wear false eyelashes and just didn’t have the skill to do them properly? I am talking gluing your eye shut, maybe gluing your eye makeup so bad you had to redo it completely after peeling off the glue. Worst case is actually pulling out your own eyelashes when removing the glue. Has that ever happened to you?

All of the above has actually happened to me, but I am a Pro now! I do have to say I decided to try out a product that came out because the concept seems pretty cool. Magnetic Eyelashes. Guess what…WASTE OF MONEY!!!

The package claims they have a “curved band for a perfect fit”. Yeah…no! The only curve they may have is being stuck to the package.

Jasmine Rodriguez Townsquare Media
Jasmine Rodriguez Townsquare Media

So, the instructions are to “Gently remove the upper magnetic lash from tray and lay on top of your natural lash line.” I did that…I will spare you the details, just check out the video.

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