You can legitimately use the word 'jawn' now. The Philly slang term has officially been added to the dictionary.

I can spell it. I haven't a clue how to properly use 'jawn' in a sentence though. You?

via GIPHY's definition of jawn is as follows: "something or someone for which the speaker does not know or does not need a specific name."

That's still too vague for this Virgo girl over here. I thrive on clarity.

As CBS News Philadelphia points out, 'jawn' is listed as a noun with origins rooted in the City of Philadelphia. So, that's basically a 'thing'. That I can wrap my head around. And it can pretty much refer to anything. ANYTHING.

My friends and family (and chiefly, my co-workers) are going to be so annoyed with me as I continue to work the word 'jawn' into as many conversations as possible. Practice makes perfect, right?

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I often run into former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski at Riley's Pub in Blackwood. Maybe I'll ask him to help me with 'jawn' the next time I see him. I mean, he's the maker of his own American Pilsner called Jaws Jawn. He MUST be an authority.

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