Ya know how to tell a place is truly great? People talk about it long after it's gone. That's the case with the old Prospector's Bar in Blackwood. But the former staff is hosting a reunion party, and you're invited!

The space at 1378 Little Gloucester Road (technically Clementon) has been many things over the years. Chatterlys, Charlie Browns, and now Lamp Post Diner.

But NONE were as memorable as Prospectors. It was a restaurant, it was a bar, it was an accidental club. It was a PARTY SPOT in the late 90s/early 2000s.


Whether you were there to pregame before Cherry Hill or Philly, or your destination for the night, there was something local, fun, gritty, yet chill and slick about Prospectors. You were guaranteed awesome music (courtesy of mix masters like DJ Lou DiMarco) and great company. You'd likely run into SOMEONE you knew, maybe even leave with someone you'd like to know better, lol.

Whenever we ask listeners about the spots along the South Jersey bar scene they miss the most that don't exist anymore, Prospectors Blackwood is consistently a response.

Lucky for you, the former staff of Prospectors remembers all too well just how kick ass it was. That's why they've put together a reunion night on Friday, June 9th at Racks Pub in Williamstown.

Racks Pub & Grill Williamstown/Facebook
Racks Pub & Grill Williamstown/Facebook

Fans of the old Prospectors Blackwood can catch up with the bar's one-time bartenders, DJs, waitstaff, even bouncers at Racks on June 9th.

Head out and reminisce starting at 9 p.m. with a 90s dance party headed up by DJ Lou DiMarco, DJ Matt Money, and some special guests.

What are YOUR memories of Prospectors Blackwood? Let us know in the comments.

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FYI, Prospectors Steakhouse & Club is still going strong on Rt. 38 in Mt. Laurel.

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