It's a Christmas miracle!

Rejoice, 90s kids (and cereal fanatics), as one of the foods that disappeared with our childhoods is making a comeback!

Much like Crispy M&Ms and Surge soda, it seems like if we pester a brand enough, they'll bring our favorite old school products back to the shelves!

The newest to make a comeback?

French Toast Crunch
General Mills

French Toast Crunch cereal!

It disappeared in 2006 after a solid 11-year breakfast run.

According to General Mills, the cereal is back in select stores now, but should be on shelves nationwide by the end of January 2015.

Sugary, syrup-flavored nuggets of LOVE! I'll be enjoying mine for dessert.

Have you seen French Toast Crunch on any Jersey Shore shelves? Tell us where in the comment section below!