Walking and texting can be very dangerous in New Jersey. With busy streets and crowded sidewalks, it's important to pay attention!

Have you ever looked down at your phone while walking and tripped or bumped into someone?

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If you answered "yes" to that question, you're not alone!

Not only is it extremely embarrassing to walk into a pole while looking down at your phone, people in New Jersey are getting injured.

Research has found that bruises, pain and cuts to the face are happening more and more. That's why it's so important to look up from your phone!

According to Study Finds, tech-related injuries have gone up by 20 percent in the past 4 years, with Millennials suffering the most injures.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Texting while walking is one of the most common injuries. People are smacking into doors and banging into poles because they're not paying attention.

So what's the number one injury?

The reports states, "Televisions, a staple in American homes, are currently responsible for 30 percent of all tech-related incidents in the U.S., with the majority of injuries stemming from lifting heavy screens. Strains and sprains, particularly to the lower back, are the most common complaints."

Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

It goes on to say, "Computers and video game systems can also do their fair share of physical damage. The poll found that these devices contribute to various injuries, primarily causing pain in the upper trunk area, including the chest, back, and ribs."

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

I can definitely relate to that. Constantly looking down at my computer screen is NOT good for my neck.

The bottom line, be careful while using technology! You don't want to be the next person in New Jersey to sustain a tech-related injury!

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