A popular 90s soda is back on the market, but you won't be able to buy it off the shelves.


In 1996, Coca-Cola decided to go after the very popular Mountain Dew market with their own "fully loaded citrus soda." It was called Surge, and it was pretty popular. But, the soft drink wasn't enough to go up against Mountain Dew and production was stopped in 2003.

Since then, die hard Surge fans have been rallying to get the soda back in stores.

The Surge Movement Facebook page was created citing:

The SURGE Movement is a centralized community of SURGE fans credited for the return of SURGE Soda and is now dedicated to making SURGE a sustainable brand.


While the pop isn't back in stores, it is back in production and available for purchase on Amazon.

As of this writing it's sold out. Maybe there's more interest for Surge than was originally thought?

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