Two months after saving his neighbors life, two Brick Township men reunite to celebrate life once again.

On January 2 around 7:30 pm, Roberta Cartwright was on the phone with her neighbor, 82-year old Carl Schwab.

Susan had prepared some pulled pork at her house and asked Carl and his wife Susan if they would like some for themselves.

While this was taking place, Carl dropped the phone.

Within moments Roberta heard Susan calling for help over the phone line that was still open.

Roberta immediately called to her husband, Peter, that Carl needed help.

Peter quickly jumped into his car and drove down the street to the Schwab’s residence while Susan, seeing her husband had gone unconscious and dropped the phone, called 9-1-1.

When Peter arrived and entered the Schwab residence he found Carl unconscious, not breathing and with no pulse.

Peter got Carl out of the chair he was slumped in, placed him on the floor and began performing CPR.

Within four minutes of being dispatched, Patrolman Anthony Chadwick arrived at the Schwab residence and ran in with his first aid bag, which included an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

By the time Patrolman Chadwick had reached the patient to continue life-saving measures, Patrolman Mark Storch arrived as backup, and Brick Township Police EMT's Anthony Botts, Kyle Matthews and Paul Witham were close behind.

Police and EMTs fell back on their training and applied life-saving measures to Carl Schwab for almost 20 minutes until he ultimately regained a pulse.

They were able to get him stable enough to be transported to Ocean Medical Center.

Carl Schwab received treatment for over a month, which included a pacemaker/defibrillator implant, and weeks of rehabilitation.

He was back home by the middle of February.

On March 15, the Cartwrights, the Schwabs, Officers Chadwick and Storch, and EMTs Botts, and Witham, reunited at the Schwab’s residence to celebrate Carl's recovery and a job well done by the officers, EMT's and the Cartwrights.

“These guys are amazing, and I want to thank them all for saving my husband’s life. You all are wonderful, and my neighbors are wonderful,” Susan Schwab said.

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