Remember those new Beyonce baby bump rumors? Don't start thinking of names for Blue Ivy's new little brother or sister just yet: Jay-Z insists that Queen Bey isn't gestating a new heir to the throne (or the Throne, as it were).

Pregnancy chatter began when Beyonce was snapped with what could have been a baby bump, a bad angle, folds in fabric or just a little too much salt at lunch. We were skeptical, but geez -- Blue Ivy is so beautiful that we were really hoping it was true!

Us Weekly reports that Hov nixed any talk of a new baby on Wednesday night (Sept. 26). When asked if Beyonce was having a new baby, Jay-Z replied, "Tonight? No." When the press kept pressing the proud papa for details, he diplomatically added, Not in nine months. Absolutely not. Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months."

Still, a source insists that the 'Glory' rapper and his 'Love on Top' singer wife do want more kids and can't wait to have 'em -- but that there's no bun in the oven right now. "Jay wants a boy next so they can have one of each," the source said. "They're ready for a baby whenever it happens."

For the record? We're also totes ready for a baby whenever they are.

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