Late last May, Freehold residents watched in shock as the legendary JB's Diner on 537 burned to the ground. We're proud to report that JB's is back in business!

Introducing "JB's Diner on 33" in Farmingdale!

JB's has taken over the old Apollo Diner at 1320 Rt. 33, where 33 and 34 intersect.

It was announced that the Diner would be up and running on May 1, but there were a few last minute details that had to be completed.

I promise you though, a JB's meal is worth the wait!

If you want to be a part of the new JB's team, they're hiring! According to their website:

We are seeking help in our new location.  We are looking for cooks, dishwashers, bus persons, chefs, baker, and waitresses. If you are interested please apply at the Manchester or Farmingdale locations.

We wish the new "JB's Diner on 33" the best of luck!

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