For kids 14+, having a job at one of the most beloved boardwalks and beaches at the Jersey shore is a win! (Also a great opportunity for teachers to grab a summer job!)

Jenkinson's Boardwalk Job Fair in Point Pleasant Beach is being held this Sunday, March 8th.

Jenk's is hiring for all kinds of positions, from beach ticket checkers to ride attendants, gaming to mini-golf, arcade to pizza and sweet shop jobs, and from umbrella and beach chair set-up to parking lot attendants, and from gift shop workers to servers and bussers in the restaurants, there are plenty of jobs to be had (jobs for 14-year-olds are limited.)

If your teen is looking for their first job, this is one of the few places that they can work starting at age 14. So if you want to be in the heart of all those tourists who are on vacation and if you like being outside in the sunshine, then get to Jenkinson's Pavilion this Sunday for the job fair!

CLICK HERE for all the details.

The job fair takes place inside Jenkinson's Pavilion and you must bring 2 forms of ID.

My son Christopher's very first jobs were at Jenkinson's (that's him in the photos)  and we have nothing but fond memories. The management is top notch and really will watch out for your kids as they train and work their first job for their resume! And oh, the friends and memories they will make.

The second Job Fair date will be on Saturday, March 21st.

To apply online, CLICK HERE.


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