So I know life isn't completely back to normal but in many ways...LIFE IS BACK TO NORMAL!

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I went out and about and it was the most social I have been in over a year.

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I visited Beachcombers and Spicy's in Seaside Heights, saw friends I haven't seen in months and was even able to visit Jenkinson's Pavilion for a Sunday Funday!

Let me tell you.....the bars were packed all weekend long.

I know some of you thought the crappy weather would deter people....but all it did was help our local bars, restaurants and other businesses out because people are desperate to get back out there.

While at Jenkinson's, The Flying Meuller Brothers took the stage at about 2 PM and their performance was beyond impressive.

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There were definitely times I felt like a fish out of water. In a way, it was a bit of culture shock because I went from sitting in a room with my dog with no more than ten other people to hundreds of people frollicking and drinking inches away from me.

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Was it nice? Yes. But was it also overwhelming at times? Also, yes.

So if you are just getting back out there and feeling a little awkward, give yourself a break because it is definitely not an abnormal response.

And if you aren't quite ready for this, then do what you are comfortable with! Everyone is going to have to go at their own speed when easing back into things.

We have gone through a lot so a little social awkwardness is inevitable.

But you know how you shake it off? By simply saying, "Hi!" That's the first step.

If it makes you feel better....a guy said hi to me at one of the bars and I turned to my friend and said, "I forget what to do here."

But take a at the Jersey Shore as we knew it is basically back!

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