Don't you wish you were a fly on the wall when Ronnie Magro got the phone call that his ex girlfriend and baby mama is off the hook for her crazy domestic violence charges?  I can't believe it! Yes, there's more news in the Jersey Shore baby-mama-drama department. Here are the details...

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To jog your memory, of course Jenn Harley and Ronnie had many volatile arguments between the two of them, but Jenn was actually arrested after another ex boyfriend, Joseph Ambrosole,  claimed that she pointed a gun at him and allegedly threatened to pull the trigger!

It turns out that Jenn Harley won't have to go though the courts over that domestic violence charge from earlier this year because the charges have been dismissed!  What the heck happened?  TMZ is still digging to find that out but according to the Clark County District Attorney's Office, prosecutors are dropping the 2 criminal counts they filed against her which were, assault with a deadly weapon (felony) and battery  (misdemeanor).  How do you even get charges like those dropped?!?!

Jenn's attorney, Michael Cristalli, said early on that these charges wouldn't stick and apparently he was right.  Her lawyer also said,

Jen is relieved that the matter is over and is looking forward to moving on from these unfortunate accusations.

I really want to know what Ronnie thinks about all this...this was a legit get out of jail free card!  I'll keep you posted on the all the crazy. Thanks to for the original reporting!

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