Music teacher Jenny Schick described herself as always having “too much energy,” but she had just the right amount to impress the ‘American Idol‘ judges.

In her opening montage, the blond Sterling, Va. native described her disdain for beginners’ recorder classes and revealed her “Hall Pass” list to host Ryan Seacrest. It included Adam Levine, Lady Gaga and … Steven Tyler!

While Schick’s montage was highly amusing, her actual audition was mostly uneventful. She rocked Pat Benatar’s ‘Heartbreaker’ and succumbed to the charms of a certain dream maker on her list.

“It’s wild, crazy — anything can happen,” Randy Jackson said. “Are we voting or kissing?” Voting came first. Schick received unanimous “yeses” from the panel. Visibly excited, Schick began squealing and jumping. Her excitement came to a head when Jackson announced, ”You may kiss the judge!”

Schick then laid one right on Tyler’s lips. “Take that kiss to Hollywood!” he exclaimed. Ow!

Once it was over, Schick was beyond thrilled. After jumping and screaming with joy, she floated out of the audition room. “I got to kiss Steven Tyler,” she told Seacrest in a daze. “I got to kiss Steven Tyler!”

Watch Jenni Schick’s ‘American Idol’ Audition

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