As if we don't have enough to worry about just getting through a routine day here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, do we really have to run into the Jersey Devil? The only NJ Devil we ever want to see is the cute mascot from the hockey tea, right? Well, we're here to tell you that the beast was once reportedly spotted in a Monmouth County town. So how close was it to your house?

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Public Domain

Let's start in good old Monmouth County. According to, there was a report of the blood-curdling beast being spotted in Howell. Yep, that's our Howell. It was reported in 1988 but apparently had happened some years earlier. And by the man's description, you wouldn't want to run into this beast.

And to our friends in Ocean County, don't think you're, well, out of the woods yet. The same article reports a sighting of the Jersey Devil was reported in Bayville once as well. And this one was 10 feet tall and came out from behind a strip mall. Sleep well, Bayville.

As for me, I'm not the kind of guy who shuts his mind to these things. These people are seeing something, and I don't want to be on that ugly beast's radar, so I'm not going to publically doubt him. I'm a little superstitious that way.

And of course, there are plenty of reports of Pine Barren episodes as well, so decide for yourself. And by the way, we'd love to hear your New Jersey Devil stories. Or any NJ Devil story you've heard.

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