It is the punchline of many New Jersey jokes, and is one of the most annoying things about driving in the Garden State. But did you know there are multiple types of jughandles?

It turns out there are three different types of jughandles out there, and if you hate them, you might be surprised to find out they are not named ridiculous, stupid and unnecessary. Let's learn about the three types of jughandles there are, according to

  • "Type A is the standard forward jughandle": You approach an intersection where you want to turn left. A ramp on the right appears before the intersection, marked by an "All Turns from Right Lane" sign. Take this ramp, and cross the highway to your destination (or make a left onto the other side of the highway for a U-turn). This is the most common type of jughandle.
  • "Type B is a variant with no cross-street intersected by the jughandle; it curves 90 degrees left to meet the main street, and is either used as a "T" intersection or for a U-turn only": It's like Type A, except there's no option to go straight through an intersected road. It's an opportunity for a U-turn from both sides.
  • "Type C is the standard reverse jughandle": This type of jughandle includes the same type of ramp from Type A, except it comes after the intersection.  You'll loop around to the right and merge with the original cross street at the intersection.

Of course, if jughandles drive you crazy, then one type is too many. But let's remember that many experts say that, despite their lack of popularity here in the Garden State, jughandles are the safe option for our roadways.

So, now the next time you're executing a jughandle, you might even be able to identify which type it is. Now that's being a true New Jersey resident. Now get out of here and go get in the right lane to make a left!

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