New Jersey residents are known to be great at many things, but we may the greatest at shopping, and this will be a test of that.

We love to shop in the Garden State. We have been even ranked in the top 10 states for shopping by a number of reports, including the website Smarter Travel, so we thought we would put you to the test.

We chose a very popular store in a very popular shopping spot and we're going to ask you to name the shopping spot and the store we're in in this picture, and if you really want to show off, you can tell us the department.

Our panel has determined that you do not need any additional clues on this one and we tend to agree with them on that, so the picture is all you're going to get on this one. If you think you know, tell us in the comment section and we'll give you the official correct answer tomorrow morning.

Remember we need the name of the venue, the store, and you'll get extra credit for the department . Good luck!

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