MTV's Jersey Shore cast is looking for a Jersey Shore town that will let them tape Season 3 of the series spinoff Jersey Shore Family Vacation...

.....but they are having trouble.

The cast, who may be super successful, do not exactly have the best track record because of all the shenanigans that have happened on camera during the original series.

So it is not the most surprising that a lot of Jersey Shore towns are denying them access to film.

Lavallette has now been the most recent town to shut down any filming requests made by MTV's production company mainly because residents complained at the most recent council meeting.

And Lavallette is far from being the only town to deny the Jersey Shore cast access for filming purposes. Take a look at the history:

2018: Wildwood rejected the Jersey Shore cast because it, "does not welcome the message that the MTV show 'Jersey Shore' presents to its viewers."

2018: Brick Township rejected the Jersey Shore cast because they wanted to avoid the possible negative effect the show could have on their town.

2013: There was a legal battle between Pelican Island residents and products of the Jersey Shore spinoff Snooki & JWoww because locals were worried they would hurt the town's image and distract from Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. They were ultimately allowed to continue filming.

2012: Both Toms River and Point Pleasant Beach rejected the Jersey Shore cast from filming.

2012: Hoboken also rejected the Jersey Shore cast access and may of Hoboken at the time explained he was, "protecting public safety and quality of life concerns."

2012: Snooki & JWoww lived in a former Jersey City firehouse and before they even arrived, they were banned from various bars in the area. One location even posted a sign stating "No Snooki."

2011: Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a $420,000 tax credit for the original show in 2011 and was allegedly incredibly rude to JWoww and Snooki.

How many places could 495 Productions possibly be denied before finally getting the hint?

But still, they continue on with their search. There is talk that the production team sent in a request for Jersey Shore Family Vacation to film in Mays Landing. (Dun...dun...dun...)

We'll see!

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