We're always making fun of the way Jersey Shore drivers act behind the wheel, but this time around we get to congratulate you, and all the rest of the winter drivers in the Garden State.

Yes, another study was done, but this time we're at the correct end of the rankings. There's a report at the Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota ranked as the 12th  worst state) about some research that ranked each state for it's safety driving record on winter weather days.

We thought it would be appropriate to dig into (or dig out of) this information on a terrible winter day like today at the Jersey Shore. And the news for us and all of the winter New Jersey drivers is pretty impressive.

It turns out Garden State drivers rank as the 45th worst winter weather driving state, or to be more positive, we are the 6th safest state in this category, according to MoneyGeek. That's good news for a state maligned with the reputation for bad driving.

For me, this is a testament to the majority of Garden state drivers, who have to navigate through the reputation caused by the relatively low percentage of bad drivers around here (although some days that percentage does seem pretty high).

But before you plan the celebration, let's all remember that WalletHub recently ranked New Jersey as the  42nd best state to drive in overall, and that places us as the 9th worst state in nation for driving.

So it's definitely not unanimous about our driving skills, but we apparently do shine in the snow, and that's a good thing. Be safe everyone!

So, there are just a few of the many amazing choices we have for prettiest town in the state. And there are more to come. Stay tuned!

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