I am very thankful to be living at the Jersey Shore and I am even more thankful I get to go to the beach pretty much every day. Even during the winter, I enjoy surfing, running the boardwalk, and walking on a wide-open sandy beach. It's something about the fresh air and beautiful blue ocean that keeps me going back. Jersey Shore beaches and boardwalks are simply legendary! I know most of you agree.

With that... I am happy to announce I am now filthy rich! In between recent snowstorms, I hit a Jersey Shore gold mine on Spring Lake Beach. Maybe it's not the type of gold that can pay my bills and buy me a new car but it's better than that....it's "Jersey Shore gold", aka SEA GLASS!

I found over 30 pieces of sea glass in a couple of hours and you know it's a good day when you find 5 blues. Blue colored sea glass is very rare (Thank you to those who drink Sky Vodka). Walking the beach and looking for sea glass is a tradition that runs in my family. My mom collects sea glass and creates beautiful sea glass art. Below is a small portion of her sea glass collection:

"Jersey Shore Gold" is better than actual gold. Continue to enjoy spending time on our beautiful beaches. Remember, the key to finding sea glass is having patience!

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