In case you missed the memo, my name is Nicole Murray and I will be your new midday host Monday through Friday from 10 AM until 3 PM!

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Along with the new job has come the major task of relocating to the Jersey Shore area. Now do not be alarmed because I am a born and raised Jersey Girl but as many of you know, the different areas of Jersey are like being from different countries. (It is Taylor Ham!) So now, I am turning to rely on you!

The next few weeks, I plan on adventuring out and about to various restaurants, bars, and other local hot spots because my goal is to be able to answer this question with confidence: "Where is the place to be at the Jersey Shore?"

Now, here is where you come in. Anytime while I am keeping you company during the week, give a call in to (732) 643-0943 and let me know your suggestions. Where should I go? What should I eat? What should I drink? Most importantly, what do I wear?


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