Hey ladies, are you interested in breaking into modeling or acting? There's no better place to find legitimate opportunities than the Jersey Shore section of Craigslist! And by "legitimate" I mean "legitimately weird." Let's take a look...

Do you have the "girl next door" look? This ad calls for women ages 19 to 40 who are interested in being calendar models.  This potential employer is looking for the girl next door, but it doesn't seem like it would much fun to be their neighbor. Don't forget to include your dress size when you apply!

It's never a good sign when the title of a job listing says only "GIRLS 18+" and this ad is not exception to that rule. The employer says you can make $5,000 per week having "safe fun." Somehow this ad seems neither "safe" nor "fun."

If you're looking to get ahead in the business, you're going to need to pass the test. Luckily one professional photographer is testing female models. What luck! Don't worry. This person has thousands of references AND escorts are welcome.

Look... we don't want to imply that there are no real employment opportunities on Craigslist, but we remain suspicious. Be careful out there!

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