I can't express the amount of respect I have for this country's servicemen and women. I don't think any of us could say "thank you" enough. We should all feel a sense of pride when one of our local restaurants say thanks in their special way.

I was checking my Facebook news feed when I came across a picture and comment that was posted to Longhorn Steakhouse's Facebook page. It was from Megan Marsillo and it read as follows:

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to LongHorn Steakhouse in Lakewood, NJ. We ate dinner there tonight and it was very busy. I had let our waiter know the reason for our visit was to wish my brother off well before he deployed. He has been in the Marine Corp for almost 2 years and recently came home for his pre-deployment leave, before heading off to Afghanistan. At the end of our meal [the server] brought my brother a brownie sundae and a plate that had "Thank You" written on it in syrup. It was so nice and thoughtful for them to do that, it brought tears to my eyes. Then at the end of our meal, we received our check and he had comped his meal!!! Thank you so much longhorn for being such a great business!!!! And thank you so much for helping us wish my brother off well ♥


Clearly, Longhorn in Lakewood went above and beyond in thanking one of our own for his service to our country. We too would like to thank Megan's brother and await his safe return home.