As Gregory's in Somers Point continues to squabble with Taco Bell over the 'Taco Tuesday' phrase, the local restaurant has challenged the fast-food chain to come experience its tacos firsthand.

While Taco Bell has recently been able to convince a chain called Taco John's to drop its use of the phrase 'Taco Tuesday' in 49 states, Gregory's still owns the trademark in New Jersey. They've been hosting 'Taco Tuesday' there in Somers Point since 1979, according to

To celebrate their small victory over Taco John's, Taco Bell is offering $5 million worth of free tacos to customers in the United States on September 12th, but ONLY in the states where they can now officially use 'Taco Tuesday'. New Jersey will be left out of the freebies.


Still, Gregory Gregory, the owner of Gregory's Restaurant and Bar believes Taco Bell's promotion was drummed up to make his establishment look bad.

So, locally on September 12th, Gregory's is holding a 'Taco Tuesday' giveaway, offering a 'buy three tacos get one free' deal, NJ Biz reports. They've even thrown down the gauntlet inviting Taco Bell to attend and get a taste for themselves.

Google Maps; Getty Images; Canva
Google Maps; Getty Images; Canva

I might go out to Gregory's on the 12th just to see if someone, anyone from Taco Bell has the guts to show.

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“To our amazing patrons", Gregory's tells Philadelphia Voice, "Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Taco Tuesday holds a special place in our hearts, and we are committed to maintaining its authenticity and significance for years to come.”

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