We're usually in a hurry when we order fast food and not always looking for quality.

Fast food used to be a more inexpensive option, but not anymore. The average combo costs almost 15 bucks.

The global fast food market is enormous. It's a 650 billion-dollar-a-year business—that billions with a b.

That's why every busy highway is lined up and down with fast food restaurants. From burgers to tacos to chicken, there's something for everyone.

Yahoo! Finance decided to look at the ratings of America's fast food joints and report on the 13 worst.

Here's how they crunched the numbers.

For this article, we compiled a list of the 13 worst-rated fast-food restaurants in America according to Reddit. We went through multiple Reddit threads and used search terms like “worst fast-food in the US”, “worst fast-food chains in America”, and “America’s worst fast-food restaurants” to find relevant threads.

There were some real surprises on this list.

Taco Bell Struggles With Ingredients Shortage Due To Supply Transport Issues
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Taco Bell came in at number 12. This was surprising because my local Taco Bell is jumping around the clock.

The main complaint about Taco Bell was that it made reviewers sick. I'm not going to argue there. Haven't we all made a late-night trip south of the border only to regret it the next day?

Inspire Brands Inc To Acquire Sonic Restaurant Chain For $2.3 Billion
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Say it ain't so. Sonic? Yes, America's favorite drive-in landed in the top 10.

With the cool drinks and tots, what could be wrong with Sonic? However, Reddit users complained that the food was too greasy.

Yahoo! Finance's list also included fast-food establishments without locations in Jersey. Maybe that's a good thing?

Jack In The Box To Release Quarterly Earnings
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Jack in the Box is a very popular chain with over 2,000 locations nationwide, none of which are in New Jersey.

This burger joint has slid in quality over the years, according to reviewers.

What is the worst fast-food restaurant in New Jersey?

There's only one left.

Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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The last remaining Long John Silver's in Jersey is on the Bridgeton Pike in Mantua.

This isn't a shocker. Fast food and seafood are exactly the perfect match.

Yahoo! Finance said:

A huge number of Redditors pointed out problems with food quality at Long John Silver’s. Several Redditors labeled the chain as simply awful.

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