The fall edition of Jersey Shore Restaurant Week was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy, but is on now, and offers the chance to try restaurants that might otherwise be out of reach.

So where to?

JSRW is one of my favorite times of the year -- the high holidays for foodies.

It started last Friday and runs through Sunday, with participating restaurants offering a full three-course meal for $20.12 or $30.12. Some of these restaurants generally offer entrees for $30 or more, so you can see why it's a great deal.

Usually each place gives you three options for each course.

So far I've been to The Mill at Spring Lake Heights, Brandl., Raven and the Peach, Tre Amici, and Remington's...suffice it to say I'm in foodie heaven.

I have had incredible experiences at each and every one of these restaurants, and I can honestly say I'd recommend them all this week.

I've snapped pictures on almost every dish I've had. (I chowed down on my pumpkin cheesecake spring rolls from The Mill before I got a picture, sorry!) Yum!

I had an especially great time at Tre Amici, as Chef/owner Michael Cacciutolo and manager/owner Paul Zappoli came over to chat with us for a while. They really made us feel like we were longtime friends, which was so cool for a restaurant like that...not to mention how amazing their food is.

I have to say though, my favorite meal of the week thus far was last night at Remington's in Manasquan. It was my first time there, and from the moment I walked in, felt truly appreciated as a guest. Co-owner Matthew Schmid sets the bar very high for restaurants on many levels.

The service was great, very attentive and friendly, which sometimes is a way to overcompensate for a lackluster meal...but not at Remington's. The food was amazing.

I started with the crispy calamari with Thai basil, chiles, and lime aioli. The calamari was perfectly cooked, not rubbery at all, and the chiles added the perfect amount of heat with the accompanying sweet sauce.

My entree was a half roasted chicken with prosciutto sage torta and wilted greens. (I know, roast chicken seems so boring, but it was served with an incredible sauce and that torta was to die for.)

Normally for dinner I go with a chocolate dish, but this time I chose the berry tower, served with candied phyllo and fresh whipped cream. Not only was it a pretty dish, but it was really fresh and was incredibly light. Surprisingly satisfying.

Props to Chef Dominick Rizzo, who we happened to meet on our way out, on an incredible meal. I'll definitely be back to Remington's again!

Seriously though, I don't want to take away from any of the other incredible restaurants I've been to this week. I have really been very impressed with every meal thus far.

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week runs through Sunday. Bon Appetit!

Have you gone out for JSRW? Tell us about it in the comment section below!