It's time for another Jersey Shore road rant, and this time the spotlight falls on Route 70 in Brick.

The level of bad driving on this stretch of road is absolutely astronomical. We're already dealing with an immense of vehicles on the roadway to start with. Sprinkle in the ridiculous way some people drive, and it's a recipe for trouble.

Here are some observations...

Overall speed. Can anyone pick a speed and stick to it. We've all seen it. 30 in the left lane, 60 in the right, and of course, no one lets you pass. If they're doing 30, they floor it to stop you from passing.

Know where you go. Why does everybody on this stretch of road drive like they've never been there before?

The lights. Are these light synchronized at all? How am I on 70 and catch every red light from Lakewood to Point Pleasant? It's nothing short of maddening.

The parking lots. There are a thousand to pull into to visit your favorite store. So, if it's your favorite store, why don't you know which lot it's in every time you drive in front of me?

Just about every road is a challenge in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, but is any stretch of road more of a challenge than Route 70 in Brick? Let us know if you think so.

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