You know the trends that irk us to all ends. And if you don't, here is a formal warning as we approach the warmer weather of what NOT to do when you are at the Jersey Shore.

Otherwise, you may end up being banned.

1. Pork Roll

I come from North Jersey and I had to learn the hard way that you do not call it Taylor Ham. You will be shunned. End of story.

2. Not The "Jersey Shore"

Snookie, The Situation, and the rest of their hooligan friends do not represent that actual Jersey Shore. Don't mention them because even years later, the comparison still hurts!

3. Parkway Polite

The parkway is one of the biggest highways in Jersey so don't go 45 mph in the fast lane! It is a road that is meant to get you to different areas quickly so drive affectively and if you are choosing to take it safe, keep right and use your blinker to get there.

4. It's Not The Shore

One of the biggest ways you give away that you are not a local is by calling it "going down the shore." This is another one I learned the hard way so be prepared.

5. Pronunciation

It is not Joy-zy, its Jersey. Get it straight before you come stomping on our grounds.

6. Avoid The Fist Bump

This is a trend that was a thing probably ten years ago. Let's keep it there.

Did I miss anything because I am sure being new to the Jersey Shore I must have! Comment below!

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